Why a Cavoodle Puppy is the perfect Family Pet

There are households right across Australia who while being extremely happy with their everyday lives crave for something more. It might result in money being spent on a short break somewhere to keep things interesting or maybe the latest BMW. Some couples decide that it’s time to add to the family with the addition of a youngster, which certainly takes up time, energy, and money. Others, and most definitely those living alone, decide that they want some extra company and decide to add to the number of over 29 million pets across the nation.

There’s a huge range of options to choose from, many of which will depend on the available space in the home and the abilities of an owner to look after their new ally properly. Those who decide that a pet described as man’s best friend, can’t do much better than looking to purchase a black Cavoodle puppy.

There will be those of you reading this who will wonder what is a Cavoodle? Well, as the name might suggest, it’s a crossbreed dog which is created when a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is bred with a Poodle. The result is a lovable affectionate little mammal that makes a perfect family pet for those of all ages to befriend.

The Cavoodle was first created in the USA back in the 1950’s when breeders wished to create a hypoallergenic dog, so they got on with trying out different breeds creating the next generation with a poodle. Their cuteness soon created love for them down under and they are now the most popular Aussie puppy breed. Because of their hypoallergenic qualities, they are ideal pets for anyone who may suffer from allergies.

They are certainly aesthetically pleasing, with longer coats than can be straight or wavy. They will, however, require grooming, as their coats do shed a bit of hair. They can be easily trained so they are great fun to be around in the house or when outside among the public, with their high intelligence adding to their attraction. Once grown, the puppies will be between 35 and 45cm high, depending on whether a Toy or Miniature Poodle took part in the breeding.

Before long, the puppies will bond with their owners and other pets that might already be in situ, with their characteristics of being protective towards those who look after them coming to the fore. Because of their size, they cannot hurt small children who will soon form a special relationship with the pet. With a high learning capacity and character to crave attention, there is endless fun to be had with such an enthusiastic companion.

Those wishing to own a Cavoodle are well advised to speak to breeders with experience who will guarantee satisfaction and where a visit can be arranged so that a compatible choice is made from one of the healthy available puppies that suits the temperament and environment where they will live.

A Cavoodle puppy is the perfect family pet, with its intelligence and loveable nature being especially ideal for those suffering from allergies.

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