Dog training is very essential for dog owners. There are innumerable dog training techniques one can easily adopt. The training can start at any age. There are no restrictions based on the specific age to start. Getting your dog trained helps in building confidence and providing mental stimulation. A human-animal bond is also created through this activity. You can easily communicate with your dog once you have created the bond. Many dogs are training professionals like for instance dog training Houston.


1.     Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is one of the popular dog training methods. In this method, the dog is believed to repeat good behavior only when there is a reward. In case of bad behavior, no reward will be given. If correction of a certain behavior is needed, there will be the removal of gifts or rewards. The initial step in this method is rewarding the desired behavior. After a few days, the day will be in a better position to associate that behavior with a reward. This technique of dog training should be repetitive for the dog to adopt. If you have friends or family members they are required to use the same commands and reward system. Patience is required because this method can take some time. This is because some time will be required to correct the unwanted behaviors.

2.     Scientific training

This form of training aims at understanding the dog’s ability to be conditioned. According to this method, before you correct a dog’s behavior, you need to understand everything about that behavior. Some scholars suggest that it is important to come up with ways to strengthen the dog’s behavior without necessarily giving rewards.

3.     Clicker training

This method of training relies on the use of a gadget that is used to make a quick and sharp noise. The clicker is used to signal to the dog once a wanted behavior is accomplished. The clicker will signal the exact moment when the desired behavior is seen. This mode of training can be used to mold the dog’s behavior and even add verbal commands. The pet needs to be conditioned to know that a click signals a reward is coming. It is a great tool to learn more tricks. The clicker method should be used alongside other methods since it is not well–suited to curb any unwanted behavior.

4.     Model-rival

Model-rival or mirror training is based on the fact that dogs learn by observation. The dog owner or professional dog trainer will provide a model of good behavior or even a rival. This will create room for the competition of resources. The dog will learn to mimic behaviors. The owner will have another individual act as the model and the dog will automatically learn through observation. The dog uses its instincts to behave socially. It will learn by example. It works best in instances whereby you have a strong bond with the dog. This is because it will spend most of the time observing you hence getting to learn the required behavior.

Wrapping up

In summary, there are many methods of training a dog. The above article exemplifies some of the methods to adopt as a pet owner. You can also enquire from a professional dog trainer about more training methods.

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