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Pets are unique companions that are a source of love and true companionship for many families. They create an amazing bond of affection with humans and are no less than family members soon after their arrival at your home.

The sad part is that these four-legged friends like dogs, cats, rabbits, and other bird pets do not remain long or forever and often leave for a better world due to various reasons like aging, sickness, or injury.

Pets being a part of the family, it becomes the moral duty of the pet owners to perform last rites for burial or cremation for the deceased pet and give the same respect and dignity as we give to other family members on their demise.

Types of cremation services

Basically, there are three types of cremation services for pets such as:

  • Communal or group service – is done for the pet owners who do not wish to take back their pet’s ashes and also do not want their pet’s body going straight to the landfills. In a communal cremation, the bodies of many animals are placed and cremated together in the crematory unit.
  • Separate service- the most common type of cremation for pet owners who want the pet’s ashes returned. The cremator unit can accommodate a number of pets’ bodies which are placed separately and without comingling or amalgamation of pets’ ashes, the cremation cycle is completed.
  • Private service – is the one in which only one pet is placed in the crematory chamber at a time and the ashes are returned to the pet owners. It is almost the same but expensive as a separate service.

The common ways for the cremation of pets

The most common ways for the cremation of pets are burying fire cremation or water cremation i.e. Aqua cremation.

The burial of pet animals is not preferred as it can cause pollution of nearby groundwater and affect the local environment. Furthermore, digging in your back garden could be risky as for burying pets you need to dig deep and can hit a sewer, water, or gas pipe that may cause major damage.

The other effective and efficient ways of pet cremation include Fire cremation and the latest and most innovative Aqua Cremation as recommended by Pure Souls- specialists for pet cremation

Fire cremation is an Oxidative Process that involves burning by fire that can be ignited or fuelled with the help of gas or other inflammable materials like diesel.

Fire cremation requires enormous amounts of fossil fuel to produce the required energy and is known to release huge amounts of greenhouse and toxic CO2 emissions.

That is why, organizations like Pure Souls recommend Aqua Cremation which is not only a safe, efficient and eco-friendly way of cremating pets.

 Aqua Cremation is a Reductive Process that involves 95% water and 5% alkali solution to function at an accelerated rate similar to the natural process of decomposition.

 Aqua cremation is quite energy-efficient as it is fuelled by solar renewable energy. Since, it requires no fossil fuels, causes no toxic emission or air pollution.

When you need to cremate your pet, contact Pure Souls for the most organized, efficient, and eco-friendly pet cremation.

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