How to Calm an Anxious or Aggressive Dog

It’s hard to witness your dog experience anxiety, may it be when he is alone and separated from you or triggered by other objects and animals. They begin to either turn fearful or aggressive, which can be dangerous to themselves and anyone around them. Besides this, your dog may not know about personal space if he suffers from separation anxiety, making it difficult for you.

Not to worry, as there are effective ways to calm down an anxious or aggressive dog. Here are some helpful tips to follow, ranging from getting a calming pet bed from PetSwag, down to some training methods.

  1. Get a trainer

Either train your dog yourself or hire a trainer who promotes positive reinforcement. And in your daily life, make sure that you use positive reinforcement on your dog during good and bad situations. Avoid punishing, physical abuse, or screaming at your dog, as this can worsen their anxiety and aggression!

Furthermore, training is required for them to behave well, and so it prevents any nasty accidents or injuries if you are unable to control them.

  1. Check with the vet

The vet will be able to rule out any physical conditions that are causing the anxiety or aggression. If all is ruled out, make sure that your dog’s vet handles your dog and his behavior properly. If ever your vet doesn’t listen to you and handles your dog roughly, consider changing the vet, opting for one who will go the extra mile to treat anxious and aggressive dogs properly.

Besides this, you may want to consider giving your dog medication, depending on what his vet says. There are medicines made to help calm dogs down to treat anxiety, including CBD oil!

  1. Learn his body language

Dogs will constantly communicate the way they feel, and when you learn to understand what he says, the easier it would be to know what triggers his anxiety or aggression. This can help you avoid such situations!

  1. Spend time together

Learn more about your dog, his likes and dislikes, what he seems to enjoy doing and what makes him anxious. You may be surprised that your dog may not like the same things other dogs do, and that’s okay! If your dog doesn’t like the dog part or does agility trials, look for other activities you can do together.

Try indoor obstacle courses, quiet hikes, car rides (with dog car seat covers, of course), or just watch a movie together while cuddling. Don’t force your dog to be the dog you want, but just spend lots of time together. If you force him to do things he doesn’t like, it may cause strain in the relationship, ultimately ending up with him being aggressive or anxious towards you.

Wrapping It Up

It’s tough having to deal with an anxious and/or aggressive dog, but there are ways to calm them down. Follow these helpful tips now and keep your dog feeling happy and loved to prevent the consequences. Good luck!

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