Feed Your Furry Friend The Best Nutritious Food

The health of our baby puppies is the priority in our lives. What we should feed and what is dangerous for them should be on the tip of our fingers. Choosing a brand for raw dog food or munches can contribute to their physique. Changing their food with multiple ingredients can boost their health.

Feeding our furry babies right is essential for their growth as well. What we give them decides many factors of their life and body. Giving them a nutritious meal can immune them from many diseases and make them strong. Many pet parents prepare food at home rather than trusting a brand.

Even if home food is safer and healthier preparing food for them, you must include certain nutrients. Vegetables, grains, fruits, and many crackers are toxic to them and must avoid. Here is a list of what you should and should not give your furry baby for them to live a healthy and long life.

Choose The Nutrition

One can find the nutrition list on every food packet. Look for nutrition and the percent of nutrition against the list in every food package. Nutrition like vitamins, minerals, water, protein, and carbohydrates are labeled. For a regular diet, one can check the percentage of all the nutrients and directions to feed them.

No matter which brand’s raw dog food they like, make sure they are consuming the correct amount based on their age and weight. Check for all the details before buying any packaged food. With multiple options, your puppy can choose for themselves. Nutritious food is the way to a long and healthy life.

What Is Healthy And What Is Not?

Even if they make adorable faces whenever you get a snack for yourself, not all of our snacks are not healthy. Melting on their wide eyes gaze can affect their health badly. Share those snacks that are healthy for them but not all. Some things that you must never feed them are:

  • Chocolate
  • Tomatoes
  • Grapes
  • Nuts

Many others are also toxic. Keep all of these feet away from them. All these are equal to poison for them. They cannot digest them and even tasting them is harmful. Any food like fried, salty, or sweet is dangerous for them. When cooking for them, do not worry about the flavor. Dogs are not like humans. They do not need salt or pepper for a delicious meal.

But still, if you want to feed them something from your refrigerator, give them yogurt, boiled vegetables with boiled rice, vanilla ice cream, and many others. In fruits, remove the seeds and feed your puppy apples, watermelons, papaya, and many others.

Do you know mangoes and potatoes are their favorites? Take the peel off and serve them with dinner for a unique taste. They will love it. Once in a while, prepare a slice of boiled meat with rice within the quantity, and they will love you even more. Try healthy experiments and let their taste horizon grow with time.

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