Anyone with a pet will know that dog boarding is great when you plan on going away and you have nobody to look after your dog. Although most kennels provide everything your dog needs, there are some things you can pack to make their stay easier. After all, dogs do get nervous about staying in new places without their owners.

Dietary Needs

Some dogs can only eat certain types of food and this must be communicated to the kennel. Although they will provide your pet with quality dog food, you must give them instructions about your pet’s dietary needs. When you visit dog boarding in Sydney, you are welcome to bring your own food if your dog has a particular preference. You can also pack treats and supplements from home.

Medication & Vaccinations

All of the pets at a dog boarding kennel should be well looked after by the staff. They should ask for vaccination records and any other medical information prior to accepting your dog. If they are committed to health and safety, they will insist on medical records and vaccination records prior to arrival.

If your dog takes any medicine, do not forget to inform the dog handler, and let them administer oral or topical medications when needed.

Favourite Toy

A good dog kennel will have plenty of space and doggy obstacles, so your pet can get regular exercise. It is important for them to be allowed run free for a few hours every day. To make playtime even more fun, you can bring your pet’s favourite toy from home.

Special Blankets

Dogs are like children; they like to stay close to their owners and they sometimes have a doggy blanket that helps them to sleep. When your dog has to stay in a kennel that can sometimes feel anxious because of their new surroundings and they struggle to relax. To make them more at ease, it is advisable to pack their favourite blanket or pillow for their stay in doggy boarding.

We all know that a dog is a big part of your family, that is why it is important to find boarding kennels that take good care of your pet. To make their stay easier, it is advisable to bring some items that they need from home. With all the necessities packed from home and a professional service with all the amenities, your dog can enjoy their stay at doggy boarding.