Bringing Your New Kitty Home: What Do You Need?

Did you just adopt an adorable kitten and bringing them home soon? Before you head home with your new kitty, you first have to prepare the necessary supplies to keep him happy and healthy. But what should you buy?

From pet toys from Peggasus Pets down to necessary medicine and beds, read on as I show you what you need for your new kitten!

  1. A Pet Carrier

One of the first things you should prepare for is a carrier or crate made for cats. This crate should be safe and sturdy, providing a lot of ventilation and access for you to get the kitten in and out properly. You’ll need this when bringing your pet home and when taking him to the vet!

  1. Food and Water Bowls

Your kitten should already have food and water bowls prepared and ready to use when he arrives. Make sure that the dishes are clean and inviting, as well as it is easy to clean.

The bottom of the food bowl should be weighted so it doesn’t tip over easily. For kittens, a smaller and shallower bowl is recommended for them to use safely.

  1. Food

Of course, your new kitten will need food made for him! There are different types of kitten food to choose from, so choose one that the breeder, pet store, or shelter has been feeding him. Stick to this diet for a while until you can slowly transition him to something more appropriate.

Your kitten might also need a special diet, so confirm this with the veterinarian and the person you got the kitten from.

  1. A Pet Bed

While cats can fall asleep anywhere, it’s appropriate to give your kitten a comfortable bed to sleep or nap on. This bed should be soft and warm, located in an area where he will feel safe. Be sure that the bed you invest in is large enough for your kitten to lie down in and stretch, but small enough for a sense of security and coziness.

  1. Litter Box

You can’t have a cat without preparing their litter boxes! There are various litter boxes you can choose from, such as a self-cleaning litter box, hooded litter box, or just the plain plastic box. What you choose depends on the maintenance you can provide for your kitten, as well as the level of convenience you prefer.

As for the litter, do choose something lightweight, clumping, dust-free, and made of natural materials safe for you and your cat.

  1. Scratch Post and Toys

Your kitten will need a scratch post to fight off that itch to scratch! The post needs to have a sturdy base and a good height for him to stretch as he scratches. Furthermore, invest in kitten-safe toys like balls, wand and feather toys, and even food puzzle toys that dispense treats!

Wrapping It Up

All of the items mentioned above are absolute essentials for when your new pet comes home! Now, the next thing to prepare for is introducing your cat to the house, new pets, and the whole family. Good luck!

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