A Giant Dog Bed Is Just What You Need For A Good Night’s Sleep

Keeping stress levels low and getting enough rest between bursts of work can be extremely challenging in today’s fast-paced world. A fast power nap in the afternoon may be all you need to keep going, but finding a suitable place to sleep is essential to getting the restorative sleep you need, and a giant dog bed for humans helps greatly in this.

A new invention, the dog bed for people, has significantly surpassed its funding targets. If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation or anxiety or like to take long naps, this human-sized dog bed is the perfect way to reward yourself daily and will make your afternoon power nap dreams a reality.

A prototype napping bed made of high-quality orthopedic foam with handles for convenient storage and travel and a soft pillow border to gently cradle you as you sleep shows that the blissful future of naps is closer than you might believe. Yes, it’s a bed for canines. But in the case of actual people. Your dog’s invited too — and they’ll be thrilled to join you now that you’ve finally seen the light.

The giant dog bed is much more than a canine version of a standard bed. We’ve gone through numerous iterations of the bed design and construction, using only the highest quality materials, to ensure that you enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

It has an extra-thick pillow border for tucking hands and feet into, orthopedic memory foam for superior support, and a plush, plush faux fur covering for a soothing feel. Its oval form cradles you into a natural fetal resting posture that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

What Did Our Beta Testers Think?

It’s so soft and cozy that you’ll go fast asleep. Over fifty people beta tested, and their feedback is included below.

·        How Is The Bed Made?

The bed base comprises different densities of orthopedic and memory foam, while the pillow’s bolster is crafted from a combination of cotton and poly fibres. As part of our commitment to providing an improved sleeping experience, we only use high-quality materials sourced ethically. There’s no need to fret over spills because the case is removable and washable.

One size fits all and will be available for the first production run, and our testing shows that they provide a good fit for people up to 6 feet and 5 inches tall. Our following models will come in various sizes so everyone can feel comfortable.

·        The Benefits Of Taking A Nap

Our culture and work habits have pushed us to the breaking point, where a sizable percentage of the population experiences difficulty sleeping. Naps may do wonders for one’s emotional and psychological well-being. Thus, we take them whenever possible.

One of our key goals is to pay more attention to the benefits of napping in enhancing our health and wellness. Did you know, for instance, that taking a 20-minute nap can increase efficiency by 34 percent and alertness by 100 percent? The essential stress hormone, cortisol, is controlled by rest, and the immune system recovers more quickly. Additionally, a 90-minute nap offers the same cognitive benefits as 8 hours of sleep, making it a fantastic tool for catching up on lost sleep.

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